Friday, June 12, 2009

Shouldn't Science and Technology be an issue in Bangladesh?

Science and Technology is not an issue anywhere in Bangladesh, not in national budget discussions, not in newspapers and talk shows of TV channels, not also in the scientific communities, e-mail groups of scientists like bdresearchers, microbiologydu etc..

Neither Bangladesh Academy of Sciences nor other scientific professional organizations try to draw the attention of government for giving due importance to scientific research.

Shouldn't Science and Technology be an issue in Bangladesh? Can we change days without giving science and technolgy due importance? Will we be able to make progress at expected pace if we don't give due importance to scientific research and technology development?


Mahfizur said...

In the running bugete govt. did not emphasis on Basic science. they are targeting for digital bangladesh and give a advanced look only in IT sector. They told to give double fund for research but not say anything for set up Biotech or related Industries to increase our job facilities.

Anonymous said...

1.Science is a widely accepted process and procedure to gather knowledge in a relative term. If new evidences arrive , science changes old points of view.

2. science is probabilistic but not absolute. Anything science says are based on previously tested empirical evidence and if new evidence arrives to change existence scientific prove, science is open to accept it.

3. Science does not deal with valued judgement.