Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If at least one Bangladeshi Newspaper Had Science Page

One of my friend, who is an high official of law ministry, was angry seeing my question “Do our newspapers have science page?”. He said that as a Bangladeshi I should know that almost every Bangladeshi newspaper has science page. Yes, I know well that almost every newspaper in Bangladesh has page in the name of science or technology. But tome the page is “extension of literature page” as they mostly publish popular article on science, translated article, popular science news (recent invention and discovery of science in other countries), and news of science fair etc. Now and Then publish interview of successful NRB scientists but not regularly. The page named as science page is extension of literature page because person in charge of the page is mostly graduate of literature and in charge of literature page .Overseeing the science page is his/her additional charge . Or the person is a part time contributor who is still a university student, have some skill in popular article writing and translation.

If any of our dailies had science page, they would focus on the status of Bangladesh in science and technology. (Do the In- charge of science pages of our dailies know that Bangladesh is a scientifically lagging country, not even developing country? what about officials of science ministry and minister himself? ) We could read the exclusive interview of science minister, know about mission, vision and work plan of new science ministers every time. We could remember at least once a week that we have a science ministry, could read news on what is going on in science ministry and what should go on in science ministry but not going on.

If we had science page, then we could read critical review why most of our research organizations are not performing satisfactorily, what should be done to improve their performance. We could read articles how fund for research can be increased and how the available fund can be best utilized.

Shouldn't we, who are crying for scientific development of Bangladesh and have good link with editors of the dailies, try to convert “extension of literature page” into science page in at least one daily? If we can make one, then will not other be converted of their own? Will not it make our fight for science much easier?


Monir.Uddin.Ahmed, A Fan of A.P.J Abdul Kalam said...

Thoughtful article.

utpol said...

yeah, i fully agree with u. u've mentioned a right thing in a right time. our newspapers cry for the development of our country & publish the problems. but it is a matter of sorrow that, they don't have any science page. they just publish the news of recent invention, fair, & interviews of NRBs. i think a strong step should come from our science & technology authority to spread the knowledge of science in grass root level. young scientists should be encouraged, & their invention should be come in light.