Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bangladesh Academy of Sciences: A mysterious organisation

For scientific and technological advancement of any country, the role of her Academy of Sciences is very crucial.

It seems that Bangladesh Academy of Sciences(BAS) is a mysterious organisation. It seems so as two of the most dynamic and capable Bangladeshi scientists are leading it but its website (www.basbd.org ) does not reflect their dynamism and capability.

Secondly, its officials ,particularly president , hardly identify themselves as executive of this most prestigious organisation for scientists.Honourable president is well known as prominent scientist but few scientists,particularly young scientists,know what is BAS and who are leading it as revealed in a small survey in the largest e-group of Bangladeshi scientists(bdresearchers@yahoogroups.com)

Can we expect that Bangladesh will make progress in scientific research and technology development until and unless BAS becomes a dynamic organisation?