Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bangladesh Academy of Sciences: A mysterious organisation

For scientific and technological advancement of any country, the role of her Academy of Sciences is very crucial.

It seems that Bangladesh Academy of Sciences(BAS) is a mysterious organisation. It seems so as two of the most dynamic and capable Bangladeshi scientists are leading it but its website (www.basbd.org ) does not reflect their dynamism and capability.

Secondly, its officials ,particularly president , hardly identify themselves as executive of this most prestigious organisation for scientists.Honourable president is well known as prominent scientist but few scientists,particularly young scientists,know what is BAS and who are leading it as revealed in a small survey in the largest e-group of Bangladeshi scientists(bdresearchers@yahoogroups.com)

Can we expect that Bangladesh will make progress in scientific research and technology development until and unless BAS becomes a dynamic organisation?


Anonymous said...

I fully agree with your comments that the BAS and other science organisations in Bangladesh are not doing much to convince the government to take S&T more seriously. In every country that has a science academy the government relies on the academy to provide necessary advice and develop policies as the Fellows/Members of the academy are the most learned and the most respected scientists and academics in the country. BAS is an august and respected institution consisting of the most educated and accomplished people in Bangladesh. But contrary to its published aims and objectives it does not lead the debate on the importance of S&T in national development and is almost unknown to the general public. This is really unfortunate as the President of BAS is the most visible scientist on the electronic media in Bangladesh but, as you say, never mentions BAS in his very frequent discussions on air. The opportunities for the biological sciences and biotechnology are also not exploited as the GS of BAS, who was previously the Project Director of the NIB, is probably the only biotechnologist who is regularly consulted by government functionaries on matters relating to biotechnology.

The role that BAS can play in moulding public opinion on S&T issues and in influencing the government are immense and no individual effort can match this. Unfortunately the BAS has virtually become a "club of old men" as election of younger people, and women, as Fellows is highy restricted and discouraged. It also needs to have a much higher and effective profile both within and outside Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

Pl find the comiittee of Bangladesh Academy of Science in the below link,


Monir.Uddin.Ahmed, A Fan of A.P.J Abdul Kalam said...

i have seen it. i know very well about the president and secretary. they are very capable persons.Whereever, they join they make it a dynamic organisation except BAS. That is the mystery

Anonymous said...


Link does not work???