Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scientifically Advanced Bangladesh by 2050

We feel the necessity of a online magazine named simply " Bangladesh 2050" or Scientifically advanced Bangladesh, 2050 with the following vision :

Vision Ultimate : Making Bangladesh a scientifically advanced country by 2050.

Vision intermediate : Making Bangladesh a scientifically developing country by 2025

Vision immediate: Making science and technology an issue in election 2013.

Vision right now: To put pressure on and help govt. to make deliberate decision on scientific research for meeting immediate needs of the nation.

The magazine Should have the following sections:

1. School section: focus on science at school level

2. College and university : focus on science at college and university level

3. Research organisation : focus on issues for making our research organisations world class.

4. Professional organisations: focus on activities and performances of professional organisations of scientists.

5. National and International: Focus on What should we do at national and international level for scientific advancement of Bangladesh .

World wide Bangladeshi scientists can share their views , thought and initiatives via this Magazine .

Is it impossible to have such a magazine?

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