Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the best subject for one to be admitted in University ?

Dear Badal bhai,

Hope you all are well and fine. You will be happy to hear that Amme has got chance for admission in Dhaka Univ(Ka) with Merit Position- 43. Please let me know your suggestion about subject choice.

Dear Parvez,

First congratulate Amme on behalf of me. Regarding subject choice, first help A to identify his interest or choice. He can be admitted to a very good subject such as Biotechnology, Genetics, Pharmacy, Microbiology but if he doesn't like it, then he will not be able to do good result as happened to me and many . Microbiology is good subject but I didn't enjoy it and couldn't do good result in University and also in career though I admitted in it with 14th position in Ka unit of DU.

That is the best subject that Amme likes best, even it is Botany, Zoology or Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics; whatever he enjoys to study. Just make sure that Amme knows his best choice. Some times young candidates become confused from the opinion of friends, parents, neighbours and teachers.

This or that is very good subject, have high prospect in Job market or for higher study. Or studying this or that subject you can do something new (research). Hearing all these,ones get admitted in a subject with good results that they don't enjoy. At the later stage, they suffer in academic life and career.

One of my in-law wanted to study Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in instead of EEE in BUET. Because, his friends told him that he could do something new studying biotechnology. But when I asked what he enjoyed more to study, biology or physics, he answered that he didn’t enjoy biology that much. If one doesn’t enjoy a subject, can he enjoy the four year long uni life and much more long professional life if he is working in his academic line. How will be his life as a major part of life is occupied by job/work (8-10 hours /24 Hours every day? Will not it be boring ? How productive will be someone when he is working in an area that he doesn’t enjoy?

It seems to me that even University teachers some times fail to give good advice in this regard. As happened to me, after over expected result in DU ka unit admission test, I went to the then lecture of biochemistry department who is from my own district and asked his advice regarding admission . What would be good for me, Electrical in BUET or Microbiology in DU as I had already submitted my documents in BUET? He didn’t ask me what was my passion or interest? What I liked to study?

Even if parents go to senior professor for such advice, they hardly ask about the interest of student, what student enjoy to study. Normally advice is that the subject he is teaching is very good,has best prospect for Job or higher study. He can study this one. If not, then this or that is the next best option.

So I can not mention the name of subject but ask you help Amme to find out his passion, liking, and choice and allow him to study that subject.

This is the best suggestion I think I can make in this regard.

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