Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GNOBB and YoungBB can make it happen‏

GNOBB and YoungBB can make it happen‏
From: monir uddin ahmed (muahmed1977@hotmail.com)
Sent: Sun 10/05/08 9:56 PM
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Dear Sir,

I think you will not disagree with me that unless and until science and technology is a national issue, issue in national election, there is little or no chance for the development of scientific research in Bangladesh.

And I think GNOBB and YoungBB can make science and technology an important issue in the upcoming national election.

For this, four things need to be done. Firstly, GNOOB gives a statement signed by all 328 or majority members and if possible including others. Statement from a large number of scientists like 328 will be a rare event in the history of Bangladesh and will draw attention of all. This statement needs to be published in all national dailies. The statement should have two messages. One for the voters and another for the political parties. The voter will be asked to take into consideration what the party or alliance has said in their manifesto about science and technology while voting. Message for the political parties should be such that scientists will campaign for the party or alliance which will give the most importance and doable reform proposal in their electional manifesto.

If such a statement is published in all national dailies before the political parties publish their manifesto, then they must think to give science and technology due importance in the manifesto.

However, such statement will not be enough. Three more things need to be done to make the statement most effective.

One online petition towards voters, to vote for science friendly parties or alliance. poster which will also ask to vote for science friendly parties or alliance. YoungBB can do such postering in the universities. I think YoungBB has member in all universities and they will do such non partisan postering enthusiastically. If you decide to so, I will be happy to provide financial support with five thousand taka.

Another thing that YoungBB can do is to arrange a question answer session of all the science secretary of the political parties. The question answer session can be like that of BBC sanglab. The science editor of the national dailies must be invited in the session along with eminent scientists. If electronic media can be convinced to air such program, then it will be great.

I think if these things can be done, it will bring noticeable change, if not , then a begining of change , in the sector of science in Bangladesh. And it seems to me that GNOBB and YoungBB jointly can make all these happen under your leadership. Hence I am sharing my thought with you.

May Allah help us to bring such changes in the science and technology research in Bangladesh.

With best regards and wishes

Monir Uddin Ahmed

MS Student ( Biotechnology ),

Student Representative (International) ,

Academic Board ,Swinburne University of Technology

Melbourne, Australia.

Scientific Officer

Institute of Food and Radiation Biology

Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

Mobile: +61 431091781, phone:+61-3-94846135


My Understanding of Science:
Science is the endless pursuit of firstly exploration of the processes, procedures and mechanisms of Allah's creation and then to copy or replicate them as much as possible for the betterment of the Mankind.

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