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Comments by: Monir Uddin Ahmed on NIB on 9/30/2006

Comments by: Monir Uddin Ahmed , Scientific officer (Microbiologist, ) on 9/30/2006
Name: Monir Uddin Ahmed , Scientific officer (Microbiologist, )
Affiliation : Institute of Food and Radiation Biology, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

Would you like National Institute of Biotechnology (NIB) to be like existing research Institutes? NO

If 'No', would you like partnership between NIB and BRAC/NGO capable of providing high salary for hiring highly to qualified expatriate scientists?: No

How do you like the idea of "brain Circulation" and "Brain Gain"? Add your own if there is any.

Brain circulation and brain Gain may be unique and innovative idea but impractical and unconvincing. It will be very difficult to convince the bureaucrats and policy makers (politicians) for high salary scale and NGO management for NIB. Rather “ Brain Retention “, that is, retaining those who join NIB, is more practical and implementable. This can be achieved with the present salary scale with modern recruitment system, motivational promotion policy, and work worthy procurement procedure.

How do you like the idea of creating postdoctoral positions in NIB and universities? Elaborate.

Very good ideas but what’s about doctoral student?

How about Creation of "Centers of Excellence" for conducting internationally competitive molecular biosciences research to benfit the region? Elaborate.

Who can say against it?

Do you think Development of new drugs is a health priority? Explain if your answer is yes.
Indigenous drug development will help reduce price of drugs. For this the example of Brazil, Cuba, India, Egypt, and china can be followed.More can be learned from “ Conclusion: promoting biotechnological innovation in developing countries” By Halla Thoresteindotti, Uyen Quach, Abdullah S. Daar And Per A Singer from

What is your opinion about Intellectual Property Development & Protection? Add your own if there is any.

Very necessary to protect our resources and innovation and to keep researchers motivated by ensuring financial gain for person and organization.

What is your opinion about for creating biosafety and toxicological studies?
Go ahead if you have scope and facilities

What about supporting the idea for Bangldesh to apply for establishing a "Millennium Institute" under the umbrella of Third World Academy of Sciences" to do molecular biology research?

Who can give any point against it?

Add any other relevant Comments in this column.

To make NIB different from the existing research institute, “Management of manpower, time and money of NIB ” must be different, improved and efficient. To do so, we must find out a visionary full time head of NIB for, at least, the first five years who will be a leader, not BOSS. He must have capabilities to obtain resources from local, regional, national and international granting bodies in addition to the backbone financing from the government. Recruitment must be done by the hand of a human resource specialist. Procurement policy must be cost effective and time saving. Promotion policy must be motivating, not make the scientists lethargic which is occurring in other organizations.

NIB must develop three core complementary activities:

1. Strategic basic research
2. Active technology transfer policy
3. latest scientific information generation for general public and policy makers to make them feel that NIB is doing something for the nation and it deserves funding.

From the proposal of high salary by NGO, it seems that some people have misperception(probably as they have not worked in these organizations) that other research organizations in Bangladesh could not meet our expectation due to low salary. Low salary may have its part in it but not the major cause. The real culprit is the promotion policy and procurement procedure and recruitment system. we should find out very meticulously why other organisations failed to meet the expectation with help of those who worked in these organisations and then set policy for NIB

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