Thursday, June 24, 2010

Salute to the great leader Dr. Maqsudul Alam with high expectation of national leadership in science

Dear Leader Dr. Alam,

Heartfelt congratulation for Jute genome sequencing, not for the technical part, but for the leadership. Because doing the technical part of genome sequencing is not new for you , you did it twice before when you were given responsibilities ( I think) in USA and in Malaysia with adequate resources. But in case of Jute genome sequencing you took the initiative and led the project successfully. Carrying out given responsibility and taking responsibility are two different things with very big difference. Leaders take responsibility. Bangladesh need leaders in every sector. Scientific research is no exception. we have good researchers even in Bangladesh but we lack in leadership. We are lucky to get a great leader like you in our scientific arena. Alhamdullilah.

Hence Salute to the great leader Dr. Maqsudul Alam with high expectation of national leadership in science. Your leadership has made young researchers confident, hopeful and optimistic for future of science in Bangladesh.

As young Bangladeshi researchers, we would like to express our two expectations to you.

First one about genome sequencing , second one about Scientific research as a whole, not only about biotechnology or biology.

From your interview with prothom-alo, your next focus is to sequence genome of Tulsi, a medicinal herb. My expectation is that you widen your focus, form a genome sequencing consortium involving All major private(NSU,IUB, BRAC) and public universities (specially old one) and research organizations such as NIB, BCSIR, BJRI, BRRI etc to sequence a number of important crops for Bangladesh. I can name some of them which become issue every year in our country such as sugarcan(sugar), onion, green chilly, lentils, mastared oil . we are highly dependent on other countries for these crops. Importance of these crops can be easily presented to our govt and make big difference in our national life by improving these crops and increasing production. You can easily influence our govt now as you already proved yours capability. I believe money is not big deal, persuasion is the critical factor. You are in a position to persuade the govt. successfully. We can not afford to miss this opportunity.

Second one is that , You expand your focus from Bioscience / biotechnology to sciences as a whole. We expect you persuade so that govt takes measures to improve the performance of our all research organizations. Scientists in our national research organizations can not utilize their full potential due to mismanagement of money, time and human resources. You have experience of USA, Russia, Malaysia. Combing all , you persuade present govt to make overall reform of our research organizations so that those who are in Bangladeshi research organizations can make best use of their potential(ability). We believe no Bangladeshi researchers stay back in abroad for money. They stay back mostly becuase at the end of higher study they feel and understand that they will not be able to utilize their potential going back in Bangladesh. If we can improve the managment of money, time and human resource managemnet in our research organisations it will stop brain drain and brain wastage simultaneously.

We believe iron is hot enough now to shape the Research organizations and scientific research arena of Bangladesh. We can not afford to miss it . You got the great chance to bring the big change. We are sure , you will make best use of it.

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