Friday, April 30, 2010

If there were an organisation of Sceitntists

Budget is coming on 20 Jun for the year 2010-2011. Different organisations arranging discussion on budget and expressing their expectation and making recommendations.

Never found in the past that any organisation was arranging such discussion on behalf of scientists or researchers and making recommendations. In spite of that, last year the govt doubled the allocation for science and research. There should have some review of the allocation from a thirdparty /organisation whether it was double in reality or there was any mispresentation of the figure. If the allocation was really doubled, was it utilized and has made any noticeable improvement? Or doubling money has just doubled the wastage as the efficiency of our research organisations in utilizing the resources is very poor ? Should not we take account of all these issues? Govt should have some mechanism to get feedback on how their invested or allocated money performing in research organisations. Similary professional scientists should also speak out how much more money they need to make the ensure the utilization of the allocated money, what other than money they need to utilize the money , where they need reform for efficient use of the money .

If there were an organisation of Sceitntists that would speak about the expectation of scientists in the budget and give feedback on how the 100% increase in last budget was utilized or abused or wasted or brought improvement , Bangladesh could make progress at a better pace.

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