Saturday, December 19, 2009

Young Scientists' Congress by BAS- a heartening sign

Even in February, 2009 one had scope to be critical of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences as its website was not updated since 2002-3(

Now it is really very heartening to see a dynamic Bangladesh Academy of Sciences is which is evident from the vibrant and interactive website of the organization.

Organizing young scientists’ congress (so far I know) for the fist time is another evidence of its liveliness. But it seems something is missing in the congress. The congress has well defined and articulated objectives. It has rightly focused to infuse dream in the mind of young scientists (The Academy will organize a two day Young Scientists Congress on 29-30 December 2009 in order to encourage the young scientists and to infuse dream among them to develop their future pathway at a pace with other parts of the globe.)
The objectives should come as a theme of the congress. Then it will very easily communicate the message of the congress to the young scientists. The theme can be “Chase your researcher’s dream and develop yourself and Bangladesh in scientific research” or simply “Chase your researcher’s dream”. Organizer can even find best theme as they have full understanding of the objectives of the congress.Bottom line is that the congress should have a theme.

However, as Bangladesh Academy of Sciences is a dynamic and vibrant organization now like its leaders, we are very hopeful that Bangladesh will soon make noticeable progress in research and technology development and transfer

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