Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gold medal award by Bangladesh Academy of Sciences

Recently (August,2006), the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences(BAS), the most prestigious and influential organisation of scientific professionals, has awarded gold medal to eight scientists for their contribution in scientific research in the country. All the newspapers published report on it. But we could not be satisfied as the report was not very informative. There was no information on the identity of scientists, contribution of the scientists for which they were rewarded. I think there is still scope to give due importance to the matter. And your science page is the place to give it due treatment.
I think the science page can and should publish eight reports on the eight persons highlighting the academic background, scientific contribution, organisation involved etc. An interview of each scientist focusing on their suggestion on what the science ministry should do for better performance of scientific organisations can also be included in the report.

Profiles of these distinguished scientists should also be available in the website of BAS

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