Friday, June 22, 2007

Science and Technology - parentless in Bangladesh

The caretaker government has declared the budget for 2007-2008 fiscal year. There is criticism and discussion about allotment on different sectors. There was reports in newspapers about increase of allotment for ICT. But there is no report on how much importance is given to science and technology as a whole. It seems that science and technology means only ICT.

Seeing no reaction on how much importance or negligence was shown in the budget by the Reformist CTG, it seems that there is no organisation of scientific professionals in Bangladesh or Science and technology is orphan in Bangladesh.

The government should give science and technology due importance and not consider ICT to be the epitome of science and technology.

Organisations of Scientific professionals should make their voice heard to the government by statements, newspaper articles and talk show in electronic media.
Science and technology should be made an issue in Bangladeshi politics.


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